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Hey guys its lance here, ill start my introduction by telling you alittle bit about my history. I first wanted to be a 3d animator deciding what i wanted to to with my life right after school, but the industry was hard to penetrate with the first few years of your career being spent as a low-paid freelancer. Seeing as i wanted a bright career but wanting to keep it in the same industry i thought i might try and get a degree in I.T Computer Science. For the first few months in university i was content and enjoying the course but looking at myself in a few years time it dawned on me, do i really wanna study all that time and spend a good portion of my life stuck in a cubicle?

Everybody has heard the phrase “work, rest, play” but hardly anyone knows the meaning, and even less put it in use. Try and keep those three things balanced even better still lower the work part a bit and you will notice they all compliment each other making you feel more satisfied in life. They bounce off each other alleviating the stress and boredom when you cycle from one action to the next.

I’m the type of person who likes not instant but somewhat short-time gratification. I’m on the computer 24/7 and i like consumer electronics, so what can i do?
Review electronic gizmo’s and the like for the Internet! work, rest, and play could become my reality and not in the distant future but now.
and that leaves me in the present moment. What’s for the future? i don’t know and not really concerned, I’m enjoying the present too much to be 🙂

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About Us
I have made it my ultimate goal to review electronic gizmos online. I pride personally in supplying site visitors and readers along with fully unbiased and honest reviews. For anyone who is searching for an honest overview of tankless water heaters, you have arrived at the best location. I hope it has helped you make the correct choice. If you need anything, feel free to get in touch with me.
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